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2-Year Special

Imagine this!

You are looking to grow your social media accounts with HyperSoc1al, but don't know exactly WHICH accounts you want to grow!

Well, with our 2 year special, we've got you covered. 

For TWO years, you get 6 social media accounts growing at a time. 

So, YOU get to choose which ones you want at any time! Whether you want 3 Instagram accounts, 2 Facebook accounts, and 1 Pinterest account or 6 LinkedIn accounts, you get to choose any time!

We aren't going to give you the lowest version of each package either! Nope, whichever package you choose, you get the BLACK version of each!

Our lowest price Black Package accounts cost $149 a month. 

$149 x 6 accounts x 24 months = $21,456.

Yours THIS WEEKEND ONLY for $1,999.00


Specific Services You Can Choose From:

Our Instagram Black Package: 

✔️ 75-100 REAL, TARGETED followers every day
✔️ Send DMs to new followers
✔️ Comment/Like on Niche Related Posts
✔️ Our clients average 2000+ followers a month
❗️ Normally $179.99 a month

Our Facebook Black Package:
✔️ Join Groups by keyword search
✔️ Bring new friends (targeted leads) into your world by sending friend requests to those in targeted groups
✔️ Like posts from your feed, your groups, or by keyword
✔️ Get on your network's radar with automated happy birthday notes 
✔️ Increase your future posts' visibility in the News Feed by sending automated messages to new friends 
✔️ Send automated invitations to like pages or join groups (without forcing them or automatically adding them), or even
✔️ Automatically accept friend requests 
❗️Normally $147.99 a month

Our LinkedIn Black Package: 
✔️ Send work anniversary/new job/happy birthday messages
✔️ Find new connections based on keyword search, job title, niche
✔️ View others profiles so they receive notifications that get you on their radar, 
✔️ Endorse connections' skills to get endorsed in kind,
✔️ Send new connections quality messages that break the ice and start the conversation
✔️ Join groups by keyword search
✔️ Like posts from your feed, your groups, or by keyword
❗️ Normally $147.99 a month

Our Twitter Black Package:
✔️ Post retweets
✔️ Follow/unfollow targeted accounts 
✔️ Like posts automatically
✔️ Send DMs to new followers
❗️ Normally $179.99 a month

Our Pinterest Black Package: 
✔️ Gaining Targeted Followers
✔️ Daily commenting
✔️ Repin Posts
✔️ Creating Boards
❗️ Normally $147.99 a month

Our Instagram Reposter:
✔️ Find Amazing Content For Your Account
✔️ Post One of these awesome pictures every day on your behalf
✔️ Targeted hashtag research
✔️ Posting 20-30 of these hashtags on your post (rotating hashtags on your posts)
✔️ Custom caption created and posted with these photos (captions will invite followers to engage/interact with the posts)
❗️ Normally $179.99 a month
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