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Instagram LOOP Giveaway $500 Amazon Gift Card For December 15th-25th!

Instagram giveaways are an awesome way to gain followers, but to give away $500 worth of stuff can cost you a lot of money!

Instead, let HyperSoc1al run it for you!

All you have to do is create your own picture for the giveaway.

Only 40 accounts may enter!

You have to enter BEFORE December 10th so we know exactly what accounts are participating.

This giveaway will be for a $500 AMAZON gift card!

Here's how it will work:

Step 1: add this to cart and purchase (Only 1 account per purchase) (Can purchase multiple to enter multiple accounts
Step 2: Our team will contact you for which Instagram account you want to enter
Step 3: We will create a private event for Facebook, invite you to join!
Step 4: In that private event we will give you the rules to give to your followers, copy our post or create your own that matches your account
Step 5: Contest will run from December 15th-24th (Midnight PST). Winner will be chosen on December 25th (Christmas) at 3PM PST!

Private Access

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